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Hamon Research-Cottrell is part of the worldwide Hamon Group and is a major provider of air pollution control technology solutions for utilities, refineries and other industries and serves the North American market from its main office in Somerville, NJ.

Dust Emission Control
Dry and Wet ESP's | Faberic Filters Hybrid Collectors | Multicyclones | Glue Gas Conditioning | Impingement Scrubbers

Acid Gas Removal Systems
Dry type FGT Systems | Semi-Dry FGT Systems | Combined Wet/Dry FGT Systems | Dioxines and Heavy Metals Control | Wet FGD scrubbing for Industrial Boilers and Diesel Engines | Wet FGD Exxon Process for FCCU

NOx Removal Systems
SCR DeNOx Systems | NOx and CO Catalyst SCR | Tail end or high Dust SCR | SNCR DeNOx Systems | U2A – Urea to Ammonia System

Customer Service
ESP and FF large Rebuilds | Repairs and Maintenance | Spare Parts | Diagnostic and CFM


Hamon Research-Cottrell provides innovative clean air technologies to a wide array of industries including power generation, pulp & paper, petrochemical, chemical, glass, cement, steel, food, and pharmaceutical.

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